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Successful Soltuions

Success Stories from Students out of the Solutions Program

The separation anxiety solutions program worked amazingly for us. I did a ton of research online and tried various methods that I found - including gradually increasing the time I was leaving Yogi alone and also leaving him to cry it out in the crate. However, we weren't making any progress. At the beginning, I was skeptical of paying so much money for someone to just tell me to do the same thing that I had been doing. Having a professional opinion of someone who is super experienced in separation anxiety was really the game changer. I learned so much about how dogs experience emotions and anxiety and Gabrielle taught me how to read, understand, and predict Yogi's body language/behavior. Gabrielle was very responsive to all of my questions, no matter what time of day I was asking them. It was also very helpful to have someone tell me exactly what to do and how long to leave at every stage - otherwise I would've second guessed myself the whole time and moved too fast or too slow. 2 months ago, I was afraid to leave Yogi for 5 seconds to go get a package in fear that he would pee all over my apartment. A couple days ago, I got dinner and drinks with a few friends for 3 hours and came home to Yogi napping by the door. I would never have thought we would make the progress that we did, but staying dedicated and trusting the process really worked for us! There's still work to do, but Gabrielle has given us a great foundation and I'm confident that Yogi and I have the skills we need to keep the training going.

Finley l.

Gabrielle is amazing! Not only did she provide weekly support and quests for our pup, Emi, to work towards, she also made herself available through email for random questions that inevitably came up. The process of training separation anxiety out of a pup is tough and tedious, but Gabrielle helped us see the progress we were making and helped keep us accountable for doing the daily training we needed to. It took us several months, but Emi has limited barking when we leave and usually spends her time sleeping on her favorite couch spot. We are so thankful to Gabrielle for helping Emi and we’ll probably be back for our second little one!

- Nahid

Gabrielle was such a great leader for me in helping my dog improve his separation anxiety. When I started, Odin couldn’t be alone for any time without panicking. After the weeks of training, we have made really hopeful progress-at our last session, Odin was fine being alone for 40 minutes. I’m really excited about this progress! Gabrielle created weekly missions for us to do- she incorporated my questions/comments as well as what she saw from Odin in the weekly assessments. As a result, these missions felt personalized and worth our time. I’m most grateful for Gabrielle’s encouragement and positive reinforcement.  I think it’s probably pretty easy to feel down or hopeless that your dog will never get better.  It was great to hear Gabrielle’s affirmations and celebrations of our successes, and this gave me the motivation to keep going. I’m glad I did and I think Odin will continue to improve!


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