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The Solution to Separation Anxiety 

Image by Dominik QN

The Solution

Does your dog do any of the following when you leave them alone?​

-Vocalization such as barking, howling, whining or crying.


-Physiological symptoms like drooling or panting

-Destructive behavior

-Potty accidents in the home

-Trying to escape

-Refusing to eat or do normal activities.


​Separation Anxiety is a continuously growing struggle that a lot of dogs suffer from. Gabrielle Plascak is a CPDT-KA, Fear Free certified, Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer that has spent many years helping pet owners manage and recover from different behavioral struggles. Gabrielle has found a specific psychological approach to curing your dog's fear of being alone. Not only can you start leaving your dog alone again but also leave the guilt of leaving them behind!​ Gabrielle builds a custom management plan and systematic desensitization protocol to help build your dog's tolerance for being left alone. Gabrielle is dedicated to helping you and your dog succeed and offers continuous support throughout your program. 

The ins and outs:

So, what does this look like? 

The most important thing to know is we are changing the way your dog feels about being left alone.  You will do exercises that mock leaving but in ways your dog can handle and start feeling confident about. We practice new versions of this almost daily (everyone gets days off, even here!) and under careful watch of your trainer's eye and guidance, we will reassess where your dog is at with being alone frequently and so you know where we can push and start progressing alone time safely. Once we build time up you can start living your life as normal again! Leave the critical strategic thinking up to your trainer with this individualized and in-depth program! 

Let’s Work Together

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